Cheese maker making cheese Harvest Moon Cheddar Platter of cheeses

About our Cheeses

Naramata Bench Blue

Naramata bench BlueA creamy, milder blue cheese, this cheese has been brine salted, not dry salted, giving it no internal blue veining. It has a hint of salt, and becomes slightly runny with age. The Naramata Bench Blue is aged for three weeks, hand flipped weekly before being wrapped.

Okanagan Double Cream Camembert

Double Cream CamembertA creamy, luscious cheese with notes of white truffles.
Our Double Cream Camembert is brine salted, then aged for three weeks. These soft cheeses are hand flipped twice a week to ensure an even growth of it’s characteristic lovely white coat.

Harvest Moon Washed Rind

Harvest Moon CheddarA creamy, complex flavoured washed rind cheese with a hint of salt and an earthy aroma. The Harvest Moon Washed Rind is washed once a week for three weeks and smeared for another two. Our Washed Rind is truly for the “cheese connoisseur”.

Tiger Blue

Tiger Blue CheeseThis blue has some teeth – a rich blue veined cheese with a nice bite. Definitely a favourite with the Blue Cheese crowd. Our Tiger Blue’s intense flavour is developed through the blue veining found throughout the cheese. The Tiger Blue matures in our Blue Room where it is flipped and pierced weekly for 5 weeks before being wrapped.