Welcome to Poplar Grove Cheese. We are a boutique cheesery nestled amongst the vineyards on the beautiful Naramata Bench.

We invite you to visit. Enjoy the friendly, country setting of our working farm overlooking Okanagan Lake. Tantalize your senses.

Poplar Grove Cheese

At Poplar Grove Cheese, we love life – and that includes good food and wine. We are passionate about making delicious hand-crafted French style cheeses.


“I grew up in Denmark on a dairy farm with an early appreciation for good cheese and the wonderful variety of European cheeses,” says owner Gitta Pedersen, with a warm welcoming smile.


“Cheese making grows on you, working with living organisms and the yeasty, fermenting process .... Each batch may be subtly different because it is a dynamic, creative process. We strive to make cheeses that are consistently high quality and delicious.”


We are open!

We cannot wait to see you all this summer! We have social distancing measures in place to assure your safety while enjoying delicious Lock & Worth Wine and Poplar Grove Cheese.

We are currently offering the picnic experience at Poplar Grove Cheese (Sorry no tastings just yet).


Our shop is open to the public for Lock & Worth Wine, Poplar Grove Cheese, and many other yummy accompaniments to be enjoyed outside on one of our five picnic tables. 

Stop on by and catch a glimpse of the staff working daily to hand make our cheeses!!


Welcome to Our Cheeses 


Our commitment is to create delicious, handmade, small batch cheeses. We produce four surface- ripened cheeses using locally sourced ingredients. All of our cheese is made with pasteurized cow’s milk from Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous With artisanal attention to detail, each cheese is handled several times through the process producing consistently high quality, French-style cheeses. 



Our cheeses are available at our store and tasting location on the Naramata Bench, at several stores in BC (see below), and at some locations in Alberta and Ontario.

We welcome distribution inquiries. Due to the specific conditions required to ensure that we deliver quality cheese, we do not offer online sales. 


Poplar Grove Cheese is nestled amongst the vineyards on the Naramata Bench, a world class grape growing region producing world class wines.

Come and visit our working farm, just a ten-minute drive on winding Naramata Road from Penticton. Taste our cheeses, and Lock & Worth wines, drink in the spectacular scenery of Okanagan Lake. Enjoy a picnic or stroll through our vineyard where we grow Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris grapes for Lock & Worth Winery and Laughing Stock Vineyards.

We look forward to welcoming you here. 



Hours of operation

*Notice - no tastings but our picnic tables are available!



May:  Saturdays and Sundays 12 pm – 5 pm

June to October 15:  in store sales daily 11 pm – 5 pm

Closed from October 16 to April 30



1060 Poplar Grove Road, Penticton, BC V2A 8T6 

Tel: 250.492.4575

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